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Model: 6880-Q
NEW FOR 2020 - This item is designed to replace / upgrade previous generation SIDEBAR Systems ONLY.FEATURES:-Completely Self-Priming design-Ability to run dry without damage-Quickly Swap Empty Bottles Without Priming Lines-Broader Range of Beverage Types-Improved Flow Consistency-Accurate Prese..
$339.00 $299.00
Model: CLS109
SIDEBAR Cleaning Solution Concentrate - Formulated exclusively for SIDEBAR Beverage Systems.  This cleaning concentrate will keep your beverage lines, O-rings and pumps clean. Recommended cleaning every six months depending on usage.-Cleans Plumbing Hoses and Connections-Cleans Pump Valves-Brea..
$29.00 $19.00
Model: LBPK-6X-100
Labels for your 6500H and 6500V Series SIDEBAR Systems. Customize your SIDEBAR to display the brands and varieties you serve.These labels are printed on LED transparent material and will allow the proper back-lighting to illuminate the decals with the SIDEBAR Keypad.  NEW 2019 LABELS READ:&n..
$29.00 $19.00
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