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Accessories for SIDEBAR Beverage Systems.
Compatible with 6880 Series, LT, Duo, Trio and previous generation Perm-a-Pub and Port-a-Pub Systems.
Model: 6000-CP/H
H Series Component Package includes all equipment, plumbing lines, keypad and hardware.  This package DOES NOT Include the pump system.Compatible with all H Series (Horizontal Counter Top Mount) systems manufactured 2003 - current.Includes:-DP103 Spout Shank Assembly-CP103-A Keypad Assembly wit..
Model: BR5G01
OUR BEST SELLING ACCESSORY! SIDEBAR's High Capacity Storage Rack is ideal for safely storing and dispensing drinks.  Mobile installations benefit from no chance of broken glass, while holding more than 2X the capacity of standard bottles from the store shelf.  Each container has 5 lit..
Model: 6880-Q
NEW FOR 2020 - NOW AVAILABLE!This item is designed to replace / upgrade previous generation SIDEBAR Systems ONLY.FEATURES:-Completely Self-Priming design-Ability to run dry without damage-Quickly Swap Empty Bottles Without Priming Lines-Broader Range of Beverage Types-Improved Flow Consistency-Accur..
Model: BR5L-01
High Capacity 5 Liter Storage Bottle(s)Available without the storage rack.Ideal for safely storing and dispensing drinks.Each Bottle holds more than 2X the capacity of standard 1.75L  bottles from the store shelf.The space-saving design holds more drinks of your choiceLess down-time and elimina..
Model: Y-6500
Double up the supply bottles of a single selection on any SIDEBAR System. This kit connects directly to the pump system with the included quick disconnect fitting.  It will draw from two bottles equally, doubling the supply capacity.  This can also be used to create 50/50 pre-mix drinks.In..
Model: LBPK-6X-100
Labels for your 6880H and 6880V Series SIDEBAR Systems. Customize your SIDEBAR to display the brands and varieties you serve.These labels are printed on LED transparent material and will allow the proper back-lighting to illuminate the decals with the SIDEBAR Keypad.  NEW 2019 LABELS READ:&n..
Model: ST202-C
FIVE (5) PACK OF 1.75 LITER CHROME VENTED BOTTLE TOPPERS. IF YOU USE THE LARGER 1.75 LITER BOTTLES, THESE TOPS WILL FIT SNUG IN YOUR SUPPLY BOTTLES. SOLD IN PACKS OF FIVE (5). Note: You may need to cut and remove the existing 'factory' regulator insert in the liquor bottles to accommodate the new S..
Model: CLS109
2 PACK - Formulated exclusively for SIDEBAR Beverage Systems, this cleaning concentrate will keep your beverage lines, O-rings and pumps clean. Recommended cleaning every six months depending on usage...
Model: BM115
SIDEBAR Mini Spill Mat Rubberized PVC Mini Bar Mat.  Protect your bar top surface from glassware scratches and spills while making drinks.  This high quality bar mat is proportionately sized to fit in front of the SIDEBAR Tower products, along with the 6880 series Keypads. The flexibl..
Model: IP122-VC
International Voltage Converter.  This adapter will convert power to 110 volt for use with the SIDEBAR Power Supply. Kit includes adapters for ALL Countries.   Compatible with ALL SIDEBAR Systems.This part is commonly ordered in ADDITION to the optional 110V Power Supply used in North..
Model: CBTH-44
Choose from our pre-selected favorites, or let us create your own! Designed for the SIDEBAR Liquor Tower, Duo and Trio, these tap handles add a personal touch.  All of the SIDEBAR tower systems serve 5 flavors / brands of liquor, these handles will show-off some of your favorites.  Handles..
Model: IP120
IP-120 -  Long-Life Portable Battery PackInstall the SIDEBAR system anywhere! Portable bar carts, tailgating parties, pool-side, or anyplace to entertain.  No need for electrical outlets or extension cords! The Long-Life Battery Pack delivers enough punch to power any of the SIDEBAR System..
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