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Beverage Towers

SIDEBAR Beverage / Beers Towers.  Choose from the Single Faucet Beverage Tower or incorporate Draft Beer with Duo and Trio Towers.

Model: DUO-6880
SIDEBAR Duo®. Have the best of both worlds, serve your choice of draft beer along with 5 of your favorite spirits - all from one tower! No more bulky bottles cluttering counter space, the Duo is a sleek solution to serving your guests what they want. The SIDEBAR Duo® is designed to replace an e..
Model: TRIO-6880
SIDEBAR TRIO Similar to the LT6500 Liquor Tower and popular selling SIDEBAR Duo, the TRIO completes the family of options for the most variety of drinks from a single 3" tower. Serve two (2) varieties of draft beer and five (5) spirits or non-carbonated mixers from a single tower.  Th..
Model: 6880LT
The SIDEBAR Beverage Tower serves 5 spirits, wines, juices, mixers or non-carbonated drinks.  The faucet head is plumbed with 5 separate micro-tubes, and serves drinks without intermixing any two flavors.The traditional 'pub-style' tower is controlled with an integrated keypad.  The single..
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