Owners Manual and FAQ

 6500 Series Owner's Manual

1. Is the SIDEBAR System easy to install?
YES, SIDEBAR is completely plumbed and wired from the factory. Basic “handyman” skills and household tools should accomplish the job. You will need to drill a 1″ hole in the mounting surface for the spout opening.

2. Do I need a sink or drain where the SIDEBAR is installed?
NO, All SIDEBAR Systems are engineered to be drip-free. Once a beverage is dispensed, a slight reverse suction pulls the liquid back into the spout, preventing any drips or leakage.

3. If I dispense one flavor (Vodka) & then immediately dispense Rum will my Rum have any Vodka in it?
NO, The dispensing spouts on all SIDEBAR Systems use 5 individual lines and pumps; these lines run from the supply bottles all the way to the end of the dispensing spout. There is no way any two flavors can mix or be cross contaminated.

4. Can I install the SIDEBAR Pump Unit inside a refrigerator unit?
Yes, The pump unit and supply bottles may be installed in a refrigerator, the temperature will not effect the performance. You may need to route power inside the refrigerator to power the SIDEBAR System.  The discharge plumbing will require a 3/4″ opening to feed the lines to the faucet head.

5. Can I install my SIDEBAR on a granite counter top?
YES, You can install the SIDEBAR on any granite, stone, Corian, tile or laminated surface. If you do not have the experience or tools necessary for drilling on hard surfaces like granite or stone, you may seek the help of a professional.

6. Can I dispense Cola or other carbonated beverages through my SIDEBAR?
NO, All SIDEBAR Systems are designed to serve non-carbonated and pulp-free beverages only. Carbonated beverages are dispensed through a very sophisticated system that requires pre-mix syrups, carbonated water, Co2 and a chiller system. SIDEBAR will dispense any variety of juice, liquor, non-carbonated water, margarita mixes, and red or white wines.